verzorging met aandacht en respect

The region where I provide
my services for are the provinces of Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, situated
in the north and northeast
of the Netherlands


The company Grafverzorging Noord Nederland (GNN) is a service company

The legal form is a sole proprietorship

The service agreement is set up by means of a contract in the understanding that:


  • The services will be executed by GNN, however, GNN is allowed to have the services executed by a third party, but will remain directly responsible for the quality of, and the execution of, agreed services.
  • GNN strives to accomplish the services on the date you have chosen.
  • In case GNN is not able to accomplish the services on that date because of
    organizational reasons, the services will be executed on an earlier date.
  • For a guaranteed execution on a set date, rates are on request
  • Within the boundaries of the aforementioned, the contractor GNN is free to execute the services as deemed appropriate.
  • Furthermore contractor GNN will take into account the reasonable wishes of the client in executing the services, when deemed beneficial to the appropriate execution of the contract
  • On agreement, Contractor GNN commits to execute the services implied in the contract, to the best of contractor's abilities and insight, and will practice due professional care and diligence.
  • Unexpected situations such as weather influences, vandalism etc. that nullify, or partly nullify the services, are at the risk of the client.
  • GNN is not responsible for defects to the memorial site caused by weather influences (erosion) or other influences, unrelated to the services provided by GNN
  • The contractual relationship between client and contractor GNN is for the duration of the agreement, and therefore should be renewed on due date, conditions will be reviewed on renewal. Prepayment is necessary. In case of early termination of the agreement by the client, refund is not applicable.
  • Should it be apparent that GNN is falling short in providing the agreed upon services, the client will give GNN the opportunity to restore these shortcomings. Monetary compensation will not be applicable in this situation.